Clean Air Act Compliance

Complying with the Clean Air Act at IU Bloomington

Indiana University is subject to the requirements of the Clean Air Act at all of its campuses. IU currently has a Title V permit for the Bloomington campus issued by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. 

IU Environmental Health and Safety staff is responsible for regulatory interpretation, reporting, recordkeeping and permitting support system-wide, and we work in a consulting role with other university entities to ensure that air emissions conform to these rules. 

IUEHS should be made aware of new potential sources of air emissions during the early planning stages of new development for campus projects. Typical sources include boilers, generators, incinerators, paint booths, and fueling stations. We will then assist in choosing appropriate pollution prevention equipment, permitting, and legal compliance measures.

IU Northwest is currently located in an ozone non-attainment area. We can also provide assistance with fleet vehicle requirements in such restricted areas.

Toxic air pollution from large industrial sources has been reduced by nearly 70% since the enactment of the Clean Air Act in 1970.