Hazardous Materials Transportation

The Hazardous Materials Transportation Program at IU

Ownership and liability for all chemicals on campus, whether they are used in university research or administrative operations, belongs to the university, not the principal investigator, researcher, or any individual department.

In order to ensure that all applicable regulations are followed and that liability is minimized, Indiana University has developed a written Hazardous Materials Transportation Program that includes standard operating procedures as well as training and recordkeeping requirements for individuals involved in certain defined aspects of moving hazardous materials throughout campus.

Who needs to know?

The Hazardous Materials Transportation Program must be followed by any IU employee who:

  • receives and signs for packages of hazardous materials or dangerous goods

  • loads or unloads commercial shipments of hazardous materials

  • prepares packages of hazardous materials for shipment on a commercial carrier

  • moves hazardous materials on campus or off by cart or vehicle