Water Protection

Protecting water quality on campus

IU Bloomington is considered one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, thanks in part to the small streams that lazily wind their way through campus – the Jordan River and Griffy Creek.

We recognize that we are a part of the larger community of the White River Watershed, and we strive to maintain the highest degree of water quality in this natural resource through our environmental policies and state compliance programs.

IU Bloomington is required to protect campus waters from petroleum spills, stormwater runoff, and point source discharge contamination. We currently have one point source discharge at IU Bloomington that is monitored under the terms of a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. Please use the Quick Links at the right or scroll down for more information.

Never dump trash or chemical products into storm drains!

SPCC guidance and resources

The IU SPCC Program identifies and controls or eliminates potential sources of petroleum contamination to surface waters in the unlikely event of a spill or discharge. The IU SPCC Programcovers all campuses and includes individual SPCC plans for each campus.


EPA's SPCC website

Spill response guidance poster